Tips For Having Sex While On Your Period

Many women feel that when they are on their period they should avoid having sex with their partner. Some even think that it may cause health problems. But if done right, there is nothing dangerous about having sex while on your period. Today, we are going to discuss this topic so that you can learn how to enjoy sex during this time of the month.

You Won’t Need Extra Lubricants

Having sex while on your period can be a great experience. And if you normally have a problem with being dry during sex, you will likely not have that issue while on your period. While that may be the reason some women fear having sex during their period this should not be the case. Why not try having sex while on your period? You just might be surprised at how good it feels!

You Might Enjoy It Even More

Often your sex drive may seem higher while you are on your period. Some women actually enjoy sex more while on their period. Therefore, this can be the perfect time to enjoy sex even though it may be a little bit messier than usual. So if you find yourself feeling frisky, don’t let your period stop you from having a great time with your lover.

Have Sex in The Shower

If you are worried the mess that could come with sex on your period, why not have sex in the shower? This will help eliminate the risk of causing a mess and you can relax and really have a great time! Sex in the shower can even help liven up your love life and make things more interesting. Many people choose this option when that time of the month comes around.

Make Sure You Use Protection

While the risk of pregnancy may be down during your period, other risks are not. To protect yourself and your loved one, make sure that he still uses a condom while having sex. This is the only health concern you should be worried about.

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If you are the open-minded type, and possibly a fun way to surprise your partner, you could always hire an adult escort while you are on your period. This may seem extreme, but it could be a great way to liven things up in the bedroom while helping you avoid sex while on your period.

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